Airfare Deposit

It is necessary for a female citizen, who is married to a foreigner and is not working, to deposit an air ticket fare for her return trip to an account of the Embassy. This arrangement is for the interest of this person who deposits the air ticket fare. There are conditions for this deposit: she can draw that money deposited after divorcement or renouncement of Myanmar citizenship or returning home for good with a valid reason.(In such cases, she must return the original acknowledgement letter/ receipt from the Embassy for the deposit she paid in).


  1. Application Form
  2. A copy of Passport (Photo page and validity page)
  3. Certified True copy of Marriage Certificate
  4. A copy of the Passport of spouse
  5. The deposit amount is AuD 800 (Australian Dollar eight hundred)
  6. The payment must be made by Money Order mentioning the name of “Myanmar Embassy” as payee and the name of the payer must be mentioned on the reverse side of the Money Order.
  7. A prepaid Return Self-Addressed Envelope/ Satchel with a tracking label must be attached.

(NOTE: The applicant’s address MUST be mentioned CLEARLY, otherwise the Embassy will not take any responsibility if the return letter is lost during postal service process.)

Return of Airfare Deposit