Embassy is issuing recommendations in accordance with the needs and interest of Myanmar Citizens abroad.

Make a call to embassy and get full information regarding the required recommendation letter.


  1. Application Form/ Cover Letter
  2. Biographical data-CV (can be downloaded from General Guidelines and Forms)
  3. Passport
  4. It is necessary to submit the copy of the tax payment receipt.
  5. Firstly, a notarial translation has to be certified by a notary public lawyer and the document must be endorsed by an authorized official from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
  6. An applicant who intents to give General Power or Special Power to someone else has to come to the Embassy in person with his/her original passport.
  7. If the applicant lives in a far-away place and is unable to turn up, the applicant MUST send an original passport & original ID card together with a forwarding letter mentioning that he/she could not be able to come to the Embassy in person due to a concrete reason. (Not for GP/SP applicants)
  8. The witnesses mentioned in the document must be a police officer from the respective region and a Notary Public or a Justice or an official of a family doctor (who has his/her own official seal). The witnesses have to sign and stamp their seals.
  9. In such cases, it is necessary for the person (the applicant) who wants to authorize someone for “General Power” has sign the document before the witnesses.
  10. Then send the signed document for the endorsement. This will be considered case-by-case basis. Thus, the applicants are urged to come to the Embassy in person.
  11. FEES: AUD 30-50 (Different fees for different types of recommendation)
  12. (Payment by Money Order mentioned the name of “Myanmar Embassy” as payee and the name of the payer must be mentioned on the reverse side of the Money Order.)
  13. A prepaid Return Self-Addressed Envelope/ Satchel with a tracking label must be attached.

Call Embassy and get detail information on the types of attestation/ recommendation letter before sending the documents.

(NOTE: The applicant’s address MUST be mentioned CLEARLY, otherwise the Embassy will not take any responsibility if the return letter is lost during postal service process.)