Loss/Damage of Passport

Attention to those who lost their passports or whose passports get damaged!

This is to notify that new passports will be issued in replacement of the damaged or lost ones only when the Embassy receives an approval of the Passport Issuing Board of the Ministry of Home Affairs.

To apply for a replacement passport, the following are the requirements that the applicants need to submit:

  1. Personal Cover Letter addressed to the Ambassador, Myanmar Embassy
  2. Application Form  Download Forms
  3. Police Report form, mentioning that the passport is lost. (Police Report Number is not acceptable while applying for new passport)
  4. Personal history forms (CV) (with 3 photos) Download Forms
  5. A copy of Valid Electronic Visa
  6. A copy of first page, visa pages and last endorsement page of your lost passport
  7. A Copy of  receipts of income tax payment (if applicable)
  8. A copy of Marriage Certificate(if the applicant is a dependent)
  9. Tax receipt of your host (If the applicant is a dependent)
  10. Recommendation Letter issued by University/ College/ School concerned and Student ID(Copies and Originals) (if the applicant is a student)
  11. Three  photos with white background (size 35mmx 45mm, please follow the photograph requirements)
  12. A FINE (AUD 90— Australian Dollars Ninety) will be levied for the loss of the passport. Read Guidelines
  13. The Money Order must be sent for the payment. Total fees for issuing a new passport & Fine for the loss: AUD **120 *(Australian Dollars one hundred and twenty. (By Money Order, mentioned the name of “Myanmar Embassy” as payee and the payer’s name has to be mentioned on the back side of the Money Order.)
  14. A prepaid Return Self-Addressed Envelope/ Satchel with a tracking label must be attached. Express Post Platinum Envelope is highly recommended (NOTE: The applicant’s address MUST be mentioned CLEARLY, unless the Embassy will not take any responsibility if the return letter is lost during postal service process.)