Recommendation Letter for Being A Dependent


  1. Application Form/ Cover Letter of the person
  2. A copy of Passport (Photo page and the page mentioning the date of validity of passport)
  3. Tax payment receipt of his/her host ( either applicant’s spouse’s or parents’ )
  4. A copy of airfare deposit receipt from the Embassy/ previous embassy’s recommendation for being dependent (if her husband is not a Myanmar citizen)
  5. Charges for issuing a Recommendation Letter: AUD 30 (Australian Dollar thirty ( By Money Order mentioned the name of “Myanmar Embassy” as payee and the payer’s name must be mentioned on the reverse side of the Money Order.)
  6. The Money Order must be sent together with Prepaid Return Self-Address Envelope, on which a track label must be attached.

(NOTE: The applicant’s address MUST be mentioned CLEARLY, unless the Embassy will not take any responsibility if the return letter is lost during postal service process.)