Visa on Arrival

Date of Commencement

1st June 2012 (1-6-2012)

Type of Visa, Fees and Duration

Type of Visa



Application Form


US$ 50

70 days

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( Meetings / Workshops / Events )

US$ 40

28 days

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US$ 20

24 hours

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Starting International Airport
Yangon International Airport

Permitted list of countries (26 countries)
Brunei,  Cambodia,  Indonesia,  Laos,  Malaysia,  the Philippine,  Singapore,  Thailand,  Vietnam,  Australia,  China,  Denmark,  France,  Germany,  India,  Italy,  Japan,  Korea,  New Zealand,  Norway,  Spain,  Sweden,  Switzerland,  Taiwan,  United Kingdom,  United State of America.

Terms and Conditions for VISA ON ARRIVAL

The applicant

  1. must have a passport valid for more than 6 months from the date of entry into Myanmar.
  2. must provide two recent ( 4cm x 6cm ) colour photos taken within the past six months.
  3. must have the letter of invitation from the sponsoring company in the event of first trip of business study. (Stay cannot be extended.)
  4. must provide a copies of company registration certificate / business license / evidence of permission to do business issued by the ministries concerned together with the application if he/she is working in Myanmar.
  5. who has been granted previous business visas and has ongoing business in Myanmar, must provide the name and detailed address of factory, the name of sponsor, type of business, the applicant’s position in company or enterprise.
  6. can apply for extension of visa with the recommendation of the ministries concerned as well as in accordance with existing procedures if he/she is doing business visa.
  7. must provide letter of invitation issued by the ministries concerned if he/she is going to attend meetings, workshops, events or ceremonies.
  8. shall not be allowed to engage in any sort of work with or without charges apart from the professions mentioned in the visa application form.
  9. must submit air ticket to the destination country who apply for transit visa.
  10. must stay at the hotel, motel or guest house which has valid licenses issued by Myanmar Government or factory or dwelling (residence) which has approved Government approval for foreigner to stay and must provide detailed address.
  11. must strictly abide by the existing laws, rules, procedures, orders and directives issued by Myanmar Government
  12. children under 7 years old, included on parents passports do not require fee. Children on separate passports must pay fee and provide evidence to prove relationship to adult applicant.
  13. shall not be allowed to travel to the restricted areas without seeking prior permission.
  14. report to the office of the Township Immigration and National Registration Department  concerned at which the applicant stays within Myanmar, mentioning the address of hotels, motels, guest houses, factories and workshops legally permitted, as well as private dwellings.
  15. must depart to the country which the applicant has travelling from by the arrangement of the airline the applicant is using if the applicant is denied entry.
  16. must accept by the final decision of the On Arrival Visa Scrutiny and Issuing Authority
  17. must apply for Visa On Arrival at Airport Immigration Section obtaining the application form either from the airlines in Myanmar of the website of of the Ministry of Immigration and Population.