Tourist Visa


This category of visa is for those who are travelling to Myanmar for tourist purposes only. This is a single entry visa only. All tourist visas are issued for a stay in Myanmar up to 28 days and not extendable and are valid for entry into the country within three months from the date of issue. Applicants can apply as independent travellers or be on booked package tour

Requirements to be sent to the Embassy (Per applicant)

1. Passport with at least six months validity with sufficient pages

2. ONE tourist visa application form  (Download PDF)

3. TWO recent passport size colour photographs

4. Booked Air Ticket with departure date from Australia or home country (if not resident in Australia)

5. Dates of entry into and departure from Myanmar (in writing)

6. Visa fee A$ 60.00 per person (Applicants younger than 7 do not need to pay the Visa Fee)

7. Business hours contact phone number (in Australia or home country)

8. Self-addressed pre-paid envelope or courier satchel large enough to hold all passport, for safe return, i.e. Registered Post, Platinum Express (ordinary postage is not acceptable) (if the applicant is living in another country and not in Australia, add extra A$ 30 for sending back the passport and your email.

9. Payment of visa fees may be made by cash, money order, bank cheque or company cheque (payable to embassy of Myanmar). No Personal Cheques will be accepted under any circumstances. All payments must be in Australian dollars. If more than one applicant, payment can be combined in one Cheque/Money Order. Overseas applicants only may include return postage money in the visa fee payment.

  • Applications should be sent to the Embassy at least four (4) weeks prior to departure from Australia
  • Visa must be obtained in advance of travel to Myanmar. Please allow sufficient time to get the processing done. Visa application for the first time entry may take longer and applicants are advised to contact the Embassy prior to the application.
  • Visa section can be contacted between 9:30am to 3:00pm from Monday to Friday except holidays. Please check holidays list on the website.
  • Please refer to Travel Information page for using credit cards, money changers and all other financial and banking matters in Myanmar