9, Jun 2023
How to Buy the Best Body Camera for Your Police Department?

Today law enforcement departments all over the world have extensively adopted the use of body cameras. Fortunately, body cameras come with so many benefits to the police officers, such as enhancing their safety, making them more accountable, reducing complaints against them and also providing substantial evidence of live happenings. For this reason, police departments worldwide are investing most of their money in ensuring that at least all their police officers have body cameras while working in the field. Therefore, if you are the head of your police department, you may be entrusted with buying body cameras for your department.

Unfortunately, there are so many poor-quality but expensive body cameras out there, and if you are careful when purchasing, you may get suitable cameras. This is why you need to know the features you will be looking for when selecting your body cameras to ensure you make the proper selections. If you have never been searching for body cameras, this article will help you have a very easy time selecting the best body cameras for your police departments.

Features To Look For When Buying Body Cameras

Anytime you want to buy body cameras, the following are the essential features that you should look for before you decide on the body camera to buy;

  • Ease of use of the cameras

This is one of the features that most people need to remember to look out for when buying a body camera. Therefore they end up with body cameras that need to be simpler for their police officers to operate.   Your police officers need body cameras that are easy to use, mainly because their working environments are complicated. Therefore find body cameras that are easy to switch on and off. In addition,  downloading videos, labelling them and storing them should be easy for police officers.

  • Durability and comfort

The body cameras you select for your police officers to use in the field should be durable and comfortable. When police officers use these cameras in the field, they encounter harsh climatic and working conditions, which is why you need cameras that can withstand any working environment. Also, you should check on the weight of these cameras to ensure that they are light but comfortable for the police officer wearing them.

  • Placement of the cameras

Body cameras can be placed on different occasions, including on shoulders,   eyewear,  helmets,  and on the chest. Each of these positions has its advantages and two disadvantages. For this reason, before deciding on the body cameras to select depending on their placement location,  find the pros and cons and select the best cameras.

  • Available storage

The storage available in the body cameras determines the amount of video that these cameras can record and store. Check the amount of storage the body cameras offer and determine whether it is enough depending on the amount of video storage you need. In case the storage Is Not Enough,  you can purchase an external storage space to accommodate more video and images.

  • Video quality

Another feature to pay attention to when purchasing a body camera is the video quality that these cameras produce. Always purchase body cameras with the highest video quality since they offer smooth recording. You cannot strain when looking for evidence when watching the video these cameras have recorded.

Should I buy expensive or cheap body cameras?

The price of body cameras varies depending on the features that they have. Therefore you will come across cheaper and more costly body cameras. When it comes to deciding on the price that is suitable for your body cameras,  always consider the quality of these cameras. Always spend more on high-quality body cameras, such as Comvision’s high tech personal body cameras,  since they are worth every penny.


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